Statements by Grethel Aguilar

  • IUCN Acting Director General's Statement Photo: IUCN

    IUCN Acting Director General’s Statement on the ongoing bush fires in Australia


    The bush fires raging across Australia on an unprecedented scale have so far claimed more than 25 lives, and have had disastrous impacts for communities and human health. IUCN is greatly shocked and saddened by the loss of human lives and suffering the fires...

  • A man is filling water cans at a well After a drought in 2017 related to an El Niño event, food and water resources became scarce in parts of Somalia, affecting millions. Photo: Muse Mohammed/IOM

    IUCN Acting Director General’s Statement on International Migrants Day


    When it is a deliberate choice, migration can be a powerful source of new opportunities. Yet for many people, migration is not a choice. Many are forced to leave their homes, fearing conflict and violence, or fleeing from persecution and human rights...

  • IUCN Photo: IUCN

    Statement by IUCN Acting Director General Dr Grethel Aguilar on sentencing of Iran conservationists


    On behalf of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN, I would like to express our great concern for the sentences pronounced on 20 November in Iran on six conservationists from IUCN Member organisation Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (...

  • Samburu women group working to market community beadwork artifacts Biodiversity thrives in the care of indigenous communities, and integrating their insights into conservation is proving indispensable. Photo: Chris Peken

    IUCN Director General’s Statement on International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2019


    We cannot achieve conservation and wellbeing for people and planet unless we respect and value the rights of indigenous peoples. For centuries, indigenous peoples across the world have preserved much of Earth’s biodiversity. At this precipice of history,...

  • women in Zanzibar collecting fish from the ocean Many women directly rely on healthy and productive ecosystems for their livelihoods. They must be included in efforts to protect the rapidly declining marine ecosystems and the livelihoods they sustain. Photo: GrayKotze / Shutterstock

    IUCN Director General’s statement on World Oceans Day 2019


    Exploring gender dimensions of humankind’s relationship with the ocean   Humanity’s historical bond with the ocean brings to mind fishermen and seafarers. Yet, as highlighted by today’s Oceans Day theme, women are the often unseen protagonists of...

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